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Throughout the highways and byways of Americas’ rural communities a new age is dawning.  A new breed of innovators are creating the future. In garages, cafes and coffee shops, innovation is burgeoning. “Rural Tech” is quietly revolutionizing the world as we know it.
This new generation of Rural Innovators are looking for strategic guidance and coaching. Innovation Collective Labs leverages it’s unique team of entrepreneurs, industry experts and trusted advisors to take your company to the next level. Using individually designed programs we will quickly prepare you and your business for your next steps. We understand that the needs of Rural Innovators can be different from their metropolitan counterparts. Let Innovation Collective Labs help you reach your business objectives so that you can focus on your passion: Your Innovations!

Whether you are looking for initial funding, strategic guidance, or corporate oversight, Innovation Collective Labs will put you through your paces and quickly launch you into your future.

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