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Why Innovation Collective Labs?

  • Innovation Collective Labs

    Throughout the highways and byways of Americas' rural communities a new age is dawning. In back yards and garages, innovation is springing up! Finally there is an accelerator for rural tech innovators.

  • Rural Tech

    Rural Tech is a new breed of inventors. Innovators that are springing up from small towns all around rural America. No longer confined to sprawling metropolises these innovators are creating the future and we know Rural Tech!

  • Rural Startups

    No longer do you have to compromise your rural lifestyle to start a tech company. Let us help you maintain your quality of life, while building a new business.

  • Connecting Innovators

    How do you get your business from conception to reality? How do you connect with the finances you need to get off the ground? How do you create momentum and get your idea in to the hands of potential customers?

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